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Adam imparted revelation to his son Seth and showed him his original greatness before the transgression and his going out of paradise. He recommended his son Seth never fail in justice. Seth welcomed the teachings of his father with a pure heart. It was given to him to inscribe this wisdom in a book and to teach it. And thanks to him for the first time in this world there was seen a book written in the name of the Most High. A righteous God-given book.

The following is a list of topics that were made by Einar Erickson in talks on tape form in the late 70’s and 80’s. They have been transfered and enhanced into MP3 formats.  We hope you enjoy the many hours of research by Einar Erickson.

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE:   To Purchase the MP3 format below:

1. Click the "Pay with PayPal" button next to the talk.  (You cannot do it over a phone or tablet)  

2. Save the file.  Once you have payed using PayPal, it should ask you where you want to save it.

3. Download the file. DON'T TRY TO AUTOPLAY IT.  It can take a while to download.

If you want to purchase multiple talks, please wait until you have finished downloading one talk before purchasing the next one.

Also - Set of 2 Cds from the "Light and Truth Series"  The titles are "The Dead Sea Scrolls" and "Nag Hammadi Codices".  A limited supply of "Mandean Manuscripts" will also be included. They are CDs that have searchable topical tracts.  The total cost for both is $5 which includes shipping and handling.  Please Contact Us to tell us how you would like to pay for them, Paypal or check.  These CDs were made for Einar Erickson several years ago by Multispan (no longer doing it).

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CD # Old Tape # Title Size    
1 50 Discovery and Recovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Mormon Church 68.59 MB $1.00
2 78 The Dead Sea Scrolls - The Doctrine, Organization, and the Restoration 45.00 MB $1.00
3 80 Joseph Smith the Prophet and the Dead Sea Scrolls 44.17 MB $1.00
4 54 The Discovery of the Nag Hammadi - A Detailed Chronology 47.66 MB $1.00
5 79 The Nag Hammadi and the Plan of Salvation 49.66 MB $1.00
6 76 Discoveries of the Nag Hammadi and the Restoration 45.28 MB $1.00
7 81 Joseph Smith the Prophet and Nag Hammadi 45.88 MB $1.00
8 n/a Jesus in the Nag Hammadi 47.55 MB $1.00
9 92 The Restoration of the Jews and the New Jerusalem 52.02 MB $1.00
10 94 The Return of the Jews 43.79 MB $1.00
11 100 Ebla-The Discovery of the Kingdom and its Royal Archives 48.92 MB $1.00
12 102 The Cave of the 1000 Buddahs and the Restoration 43.89 MB $1.00
13 90 Meso-American and other Discoveries that Confirm the Book Of Mormon 73.11 MB $1.00
14 116 The Discovery and Recovery of Mexican Codices and Related Documents 47.06 MB $1.00
15 117 Ancient Gods and Doctrines of Central America (Part I) 44.35 MB $1.00
16 118 Ancient Gods and Doctrines of Central America (Part ll) 45.55 MB $1.00
17 104 The Ancient Mandaeans and the Restoration 50.78 MB $1.00
18 122 The Manichaean Discoveries in Algeria - Egypt-Chinese Translation 49.34 MB $1.00
19 123 The Ancient Sacrament, Prayer, Doctrine & Ritual 49.09 MB $1.00
20 129 The Fourth Chapter of Abraham 44.81 MB $1.00
21 210 Adam-Discoveries that Confirm Mormon Doctrine about Adam 70.03 MB $1.00
22 91 The Angel Raphael 49.82 MB $1.00
23 115 The Heavenly Mother in Ancient and Present Times 44.06 MB $1.00
24 133 Discoveries in Iran - The Pahlavi Texts and Mormonism 39.24 MB $1.00
25 214 The Magi - Archaeology Reveals Who-What-and How Many 50.15 MB $1.00
26 82 Discoveries that Confirm the Book of Mormon 47.11 MB $1.00
27 96 Discoveries that Confirm the Pearl of Great Price 70.45 MB $1.00
28 98 Discoveries confirming the 1987 added Scriptures 45.14 MB $1.00
29 93 Great Discoveries Around the World that Confirm the Restoration 45.99 MB $1.00
30 97 Discoveries of the Pseudipigrapha and the Restoration 51.05 MB $1.00
31 113 The Discovery and Recovery of Ancient Documents and the Restoration 47.34 MB $1.00
32 125 100 Discoveries Worldwide that Confirm the Restoration 45.68 MB $1.00
34 n/a The Fate of the Dead in Ancient Documents and Mormon Doctrine 72.14 MB $1.00
35 106 The Secret Book of John 49.11 MB $1.00
36 126 Discoveries in Russia that Confirm the Restoration 49.91 MB $1.00
37 121 The Cairo Geniza: An Astonishing Discovery of Documents 49.29 MB $1.00
38 124 Great Adventures in China and the Restoration 49.12 MB $1.00
39 131 Discoveries in Finland and the Restoration 48.22 MB $1.00
40 107 The Books of Enoch and Doctrines of the Restoration (Part 1) 48.40 MB $1.00
41 111 The Books of Enoch and Doctrines of the Restoration (Part 2) 47.48 MB $1.00
42 213 Abraham: Mormon Doctrine on Abraham Confirmed by Ancient Documents 72.79 MB $1.00
43 215 Kolob 64.84 MB $1.00
101 128A&B Mormon Scriptures and the Universe - Astronomy and the Restoration 90.81 MB $2.00
102 235/236 Moroni: His Life, Mission, and Death 111.81 MB $2.00
103 220/221 Enoch: Ancient Documents Confirm Mormon Doctrine on Enoch 141.49 MB $2.00
104 232/233 Moses: Pre-Mortal Life and Translation of Moses 141.86 MB $2.00
105 n/a Lucifer: Ancient Documents and Lucifer 191.54 MB $2.00

All research and opionions presented on this site are the sole responsibility of Dr. Einar C. Erickson, and should not be interpreted as official statements of the LDS doctrine, beliefs or practice.
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