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The great Seth wrote this books with letters in 130 years. He placed in on the mountain that is called Chericol. This book is apparently to be brought out at the end time to reveal among other things this incorruptible holy race of the Great Savior and those who dwell with Him in love. We learn from other sources that the race of Seth or his descendants are considered to be the righteous descendants.

Touching Lives

Stories of Lives touched by Dr. Einar Erickson. To share your own story, just write it here

I had a number of Dr. Erickson's tapes while on my mission.  I (with approval of the mission president) would listen to them over and over. They have had a profound influence in my life.  I have lost them over the years and some just wore out.  I am so glad that you are sharing this information online.  It strengthened my testimony and helped me become a stronger member of the church.

Bro. Erickson perhaps might remember the Judkins family who lived next door on Sunnyside Lane in the Jensen subdivision in Orem - he bought a Lincoln from my father.  Bro. Erickson befriended and mentored me when I was 12 years of age, insipring me to a life of the mind as well as of the spirit... starting by registering me for a home study course at BYU at that unlikely age.  On my bookself at home I still have the two geology books he gave me at that time.  I graduated from BYU and completed a doctorate at Cornell University, and am now an anthropology professor (Iroquois studies) at SUNY Geneseo in western NY, a high counselor (and past Branch President) in the Rochester NY Stake, married to childhood sweetheart from Orem (a professional midwife with a large hospital-based OB practice) and father of seven amazing & wonderful sons.  Much of my ability to overcome parental divorce and having been on my own since age 15 has to do with Bro. Erickson's inspired concern and mentoring - and being, most truly, a "good neighbor," as well as my life-long model and ideal.  Thanks, continuing admiration & gratitude... and love, across the years and the miles.  Best wishes always, Russ Judkins

I am so excited to find this website, I had searched for Dr. Einar Erickson on the web several years ago hoping to find a way to purchase some of his tapes that I had worn out. I have listened to them so many times and I truly learned to think in the vocabulary of his research...

This is a short and probably silly story but recently my daughter was speaking to a man that she met on an LDS singles site and he truly looked interesting. However after much prayer and thought... several spiritual communications that ranged from positives to absolute no's, I was sitting on my couch praying about the matter (she had not met him in person yet). All of a sudden the thought presented itself to my mind that he was a 'son of belial'. A throwback to Dr. Erickson's tapes. Once I heard that answer, the discussion was pretty much finished. I related this revelation to my 22 year old son who asked what is a son of belial... he has never had the privelege of hearing Dr. Erickson. So this prompted me to do a search on the internet.

I love Dr. Erickson's voice, his enthusiasm, and his testimony. I look forward to sharing these things with my children who were quite young when I used to listen to his tapes. I learned enough from Dr. Erickson that we must certainly avoid 'the sons of belial'... (yeah, that's supposed to be humorous).

For the past fifteen years, Bob and I have been both privileged and fortunate to be hosted by Einar in his home since he is my first cousin with whom I have been corresponding through the years. Einar has imparted to us his vast knowledge and wisdom during these years which has solidified our testimonies of the true gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed through Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration. Through these times, we have explored the total Plan of Salvation and shed many tears in our late-night discussions with Einar as we sat together around the dining table. Further, he has graciously prepared countless meals in our behalf as well as let us stay in his home. Einar extended his help to us in further counseling Bob and even taking the time to edit some of his chapters of his three volume work, World History for Latter-day Saints, for which Bob is extremely thankful and eternally indebted. The many spiritual experiences we received as we were enlightened by Einar's inexhaustible mind are too numerous to mention. He truly is a choice, foreordained, humble servant of Heavenly Father and Jesus and is the most prolific latter-day saint we know. Einar reflects the epitome of Emerson's thought: "Truly speaking, it is not instruction, but provocation that one can receive from another."

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