Br. Erickson, after over 30 years since we first met, you have impacted me anew with what I've learned from you. I have long appreciated what you taught me going back to Simi Valley. But having recently listened to some of the information you have taught about Adam, the early temple, and related doctrines, I've gained an even greater appreciation for the antiquity of the temple endowment and a deeper appreciation for the magnitude of the restoration through Joseph Smith. The last few times my wife and I have attended the temple, I have felt a new connection to the ancient saints and a new sense of connection to the early saints. I am partaking of the same rites as Heavenly Father's children thousands of years ago. Perhaps not new information but a new appreciation for what we enjoy and what can too easily slip past us- or at least past me.

Thank you for the years of study and for sharing what you have learned. I'm so glad to have had the chance to have known you personally, however fleeting.