I stumbled onto a cassett tape many years ago in a flea market while living in Los Lunas, New Mexico. I had an interest in Dead Sea Scrolls since hearing Hugh Nibley lecture at Utah State University when I first entered college in 1957. This tape popped out at me from a stack of many.  I had not previously heard of Einar Erickson, but after just one hearing of that tape, I started watching for more of his materials, watching for other books, and talked with an LDS archeologist about what Erickson was discussing.

That original tape has been heard by all of my immediate family and others with whom I shared relationships.  I've personally listened to that tape about 15 times and now find that it is beginning to loose audio quality.  The case and labels have all disintegrated by now but I know the cassette tape by it's gray color.  I'm truly grateful that someone decided to work with Dr. Erickson to get recordings of his lectures.  Just this one tape has opened an entire new world of ancient manuscripts and other sacred writings that I never even dreamed of.  Dr. Erickson absolutely ignited a fire under me.