Bro. Erickson perhaps might remember the Judkins family who lived next door on Sunnyside Lane in the Jensen subdivision in Orem - he bought a Lincoln from my father.  Bro. Erickson befriended and mentored me when I was 12 years of age, insipring me to a life of the mind as well as of the spirit... starting by registering me for a home study course at BYU at that unlikely age.  On my bookself at home I still have the two geology books he gave me at that time.  I graduated from BYU and completed a doctorate at Cornell University, and am now an anthropology professor (Iroquois studies) at SUNY Geneseo in western NY, a high counselor (and past Branch President) in the Rochester NY Stake, married to childhood sweetheart from Orem (a professional midwife with a large hospital-based OB practice) and father of seven amazing & wonderful sons.  Much of my ability to overcome parental divorce and having been on my own since age 15 has to do with Bro. Erickson's inspired concern and mentoring - and being, most truly, a "good neighbor," as well as my life-long model and ideal.  Thanks, continuing admiration & gratitude... and love, across the years and the miles.  Best wishes always, Russ Judkins