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What is however different from the source is the idea that the content of this book was revealed to Seth by Adam. According to psuedo-Dionysus, it was sealed and handed on from generation to generation up to the time of Noah who gave it to the ancestors of the Magi. Any reference to such books points to the fact that they were dictated by Adam who speaks about salvation and judgement in the future.

Bro. Erickson perhaps might remember the Judkins family who lived next door on Sunnyside Lane in the Jensen subdivision in Orem - he bought a Lincoln from my father.  Bro. Erickson befriended and mentored me when I was 12 years of age, insipring me to a life of the mind as well as of the spirit... starting by registering me for a home study course at BYU at that unlikely age.  On my bookself at home I still have the two geology books he gave me at that time.  I graduated from BYU and completed a doctorate at Cornell University, and am now an anthropology professor (Iroquois studies) at SUNY Geneseo in western NY, a high counselor (and past Branch President) in the Rochester NY Stake, married to childhood sweetheart from Orem (a professional midwife with a large hospital-based OB practice) and father of seven amazing & wonderful sons.  Much of my ability to overcome parental divorce and having been on my own since age 15 has to do with Bro. Erickson's inspired concern and mentoring - and being, most truly, a "good neighbor," as well as my life-long model and ideal.  Thanks, continuing admiration & gratitude... and love, across the years and the miles.  Best wishes always, Russ Judkins

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