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But the woman is united to her husband in the bridal chamber. And those who have been united in the bridal chamber shall no longer be separated.
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We appreciate your responses and queries.  It is difficult to answer personally all e-Mails, but through this medium perhaps we can accommodate some acceptable response.  And by this format also provide data of interest to others.

We try to be aware of the researches being done by other writers, particular those associated with FARMS. Most of our tapes were circulated before FARMS was even formed. I do not wish to copy Nibley, nor their publications, though I do refer to both of these sources from time to time. Our effort is one of pioneering, front line research, breaking paths; others will come along and do the real refining. I am working on the Book of Mormon names because a party supposedly doing the research about 1977, having the work Ty and Michelle Erickson prepared on Book of Moron names and subjects did not follow through. Nibley also did not pursue the name research that he started in 1957 and 1967. In fact the reason for both not advancing that study was because of the lack of resources at that time from the ancient tablet discoveries. As you follow the web site articles on the Book of Mormon names, note that a lot of resources I am using is as recent as 2005. Much of it has only been available since 1999. Nibley seems to have spent a great deal of his later years working on the Pearl of Great Price and revising his works for publishing by FARMS. If he did some research on names it may be forth coming as post-humus publications.

To their great credit, the great scientist and writers did evaluate organized religion, though seldom did any of them look into Mormonism, and they concluded, to their great credit, that organized religion available to them, was inadequate and fell short. I am engaged in a Religion and Science Reconciliation class along with Science-Astronomy-Geology-Archaeology at George Wythe College. I intend to develop some of these themes into web site additions. Coming up as part of this will the CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE, using Mormon doctrine most people are not aware of, and the latest research of Science, not found in books yet.

Everybody should be a member of FARMS and get their updates and catalogue of new publications. Contact FARMS, BYU, BOX 7113, UNVERSITY STATION, PROVO, UT. 84602 for information. It is not expensive. For example, Martin wanted to know why there were not more publications about the apostasy of the first century. A new book is now out from FARMS called EARLY CHRISTIAN IN DISARRAY, that argues that the apostasy began as early as the first century AD.

All research and opionions presented on this site are the sole responsibility of Dr. Einar C. Erickson, and should not be interpreted as official statements of the LDS doctrine, beliefs or practice.
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